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Perlan Periodontal Suite

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Information for Patients - Veneers

A veneer is a thin porcelain facing that is cemented onto the tooth to improve it’s appearance. Veneers are the most effective way to change the colour and/or shape of your front teeth while conserving natural tooth structure. A veneer can be used on one tooth to match the rest of your smile or on your whole smile to transform your appearance.

Veneers should always be fixed onto the tooth using a protective "rubber dam" to ensure that they are properly stuck! If this is not done there is a risk that they might fall off, or even that the tooth will decay under the veneer.

This lady was embarrassed about her smile due to the colour and shape of her front teeth and she had a poor existing crown on her upper right front tooth. Following placement of a temporary crown and veneers the gums were surgically corrected to make them symmetrical. The other teeth were bleached to lighten the overall shade of the teeth. Ultimately a new crown and three veneers were cemented to provide a beautiful smile:

Surgical correction of gums, new crown and 3 veneers

Other Common Prosthodontist Procedures:

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