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Perlan Specialist Dental Clinic

Because we’re specialist dentists, your dentist can refer you or you can call us direct.

About Perlan - Our Philosophy.

“Perlan” is the Icelandic for “pearl”,

and we chose this name for our Specialist Dental Centre for several reasons. Teeth are often referred to as “pearly whites” and we aim to provide you with the feeling that this is what your teeth are: precious pearls that you can be proud of.

Teeth form in a protected, delicate environment, much like pearls. Invaginations of cells in the developing embryo called ectoderm form the enamel organ, which surrounds another group of cells from the ectomesenchyme called the dental papilla. The enamel organ goes on to form the hard, whitish enamel of a tooth. The dental papilla will form the dentine and pulp of the tooth.

How teeth develop imagedeveloping tooth image

This is a precise, delicate and intricate process. We aim to make our efforts at recreating teeth to be similarly precise and delicate. We find our work fascinating, and in explaining what we do and why, we hope that you will understand the sublime dedication required to emulate such a complex natural structure.

Perlan is also the term applied to very high altitude ice crystal clouds, which have a pearlescent appearance and are called Nacreous clouds but are often known as “Mother of Pearl” clouds and are the most colourful-looking clouds, exhibiting refined and delicate pastel hues. Most clouds exist within the lower region of the atmosphere, known as the “troposphere”. Nacreous clouds, however, form in the rarefied heights of the stratosphere, 25 to 30km above the Earth. These are the highest clouds in the atmosphere, representing the pinnacle of our environment.

Steve Barter, the founder of the Perlan Specialist Dental Centre, is a keen glider pilot. He has flown to altitudes of 6km above the Earth in gliders using lee waves over mountain ranges, which produce these clouds. There is a high altitude gliding project (known as the Perlan Project), to exploit these waves, in gliders, up to the edge of space. This represents the pinnacle of gliding technology and exploration. The pearlescent clouds that are formed from the high altitude waves in the atmosphere, and the glider pilots’ dream of soaring over them, provide the link between professional practice and sporting passion that led to the name for this clinic.

Steve in his gliderglider above clouds

As specialists in our respective fields, we try to impart the most up-to-date and evidence based opinions and advice on the treatment that suits you best. Information cards are available on our individual specialities and these are our “Pearls of Wisdom” for you. We hope you will find these useful. We aim to make our treatments the pinnacle of dental treatment. We have all trained in several centres around the world and are all actively involved in research and development of the latest dental techniques.

Our primary focus is you, the patient. We will treat you as we would wish to be treated ourselves, as we would treat members of our own family. Our philosophy is one of multidisciplinary therapy — each of us advising one another on our specialist area to your benefit, agreeing with you on the best course of action, and performing treatment to the very best of our ability, with the utmost consideration for you.

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