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Perlan Periodontal Suite

Because we’re specialist dentists, your dentist can refer you or you can call us direct.

Information for Patients - Testimonials

These are a selection of the postcards, letters and emails we have received. We have replicated them in text here to aid accessibility.


Testimonial followed by its transcript

For someone whom dental surgeries and hospitals are not my favourite location to have to attend, and then coupled with finding a suitable Dental Centre to undertake a tooth implant procedure, Perlan Specialist Dental Centre in Eastbourne is one location that I would very strongly recommend, to anyone thinking of having specialist dental care.

From the first consultation, to the final appointment, I felt at ease and relaxed at this Specialist Dental Centre, and I especially liked the manner in which every procedure was full explained both before, during surgery, and afterwards. At no time did I feel uncomfortable in my treatment here, and both the specialist and supporting surgery staff were excellent at every stage of my treatment.

The whole procedure, including treatment required, costs, and time frames, are clearly stated in correspondence, and both orally and visually by computer images, and as a patient, it is refreshing to see everything is defined, as well as knowing exactly what treatment is taking place at each stage of attendance. It was also much appreciated that they fitted my appointments in to suite my own schedule of being able to attend.

In summary, I was delighted to have had my implant procedure completed at Perlan Specialist Dental Centre, so much, that I intend to have further implant treatment in the future. I most strongly recommend this Centre without hesitation.

May 2014.



I feel very positive about the treatment I received at Perlan. Everything was explained in a clear and sympathetic way. Many thanks to both Mr Barter and to Laura whose sympathetic touch was much appreciated.




Testimonial followed by its transcript


Dear Stephen and Michael

The year 2012 has been nothing less than interesting for me. Thank you for making a potentially stressful job such and easy and relaxing experience. You have both been professional, friendly, helpful, detailing explicitly an extensive process of implants, crowns and extractions, and even laughed at my jokes. You work together extremely well.

Paula and all of your staff are lovely people and I think it is testament to both of you that you have such an efficient, warm and friendly work place.

A few words for Kayleigh and Laura - you are both amazing, making me feel at ease on every visit. Before long I felt like I was meeting friends. Why is a gentle touch on my arm when facing surgery so comforting?

Thank you Linzi for your patience with me, I am being very good about tooth hygiene now because of your gentle persistence in persuading me to change old lazy habits. Thanks to both of you.

I would come back any time, but hopefully I won’t have to - Sevenoaks is a long way. I shall be seeing my local dentist in the near future and I am sure she will be as pleased as I am with the final result.

Best wishes for the future.


Nr Sevenoaks, Kent.



Testimonial followed by its transcript

December 2012

I would like to thank Perlan for the implant treatment I have received over the last year.

I am reminded every day when I look in the mirror of the excellent results giving me a renewed smile which has long been hidden. It is also a pleasure to eat normally after so many years without worrying about crowns becoming loose and/or falling out – not a pretty sight!

Despite apprehension about the proposed treatment at the initial stages, the professionalism and expertise of Steve and Mike were exemplary and, at each stage, I became calmer and more relaxed about my decision to go ahead with the implants. The treatment, although somewhat daunting, was explained in minute detail at each stage and my thanks also to Laura and Kayleigh for their kindness and reassurance.

When returning to the waiting room, with the treatment completed and my new smile in place, I spoke to a worried “newby” and showed him the result. I hope my endorsement of the Perlan implant experience reassured him enough to become another satisfied customer.




Testimonial followed by its transcript

Wednesday 11th August 2010

Dear Dr Barter

I apologise for the delay in writing to thank you for all your patience, skill and kindness over my implant treatment. I don't know how you put up with my changing appointments, worrying about everything etc. But I am Very grateful to you for all you did and cannot thank you enough.

When I started the treatment it was difficult to imagine the end result and thanks to you and everyone at Perlan we got there and I am thrilled

Many thanks again,
yours sincerely JC


Testimonial followed by its transcript

I am very happy to say that I have nothing but compliments for Perlan Centre. I have had to undergo extensive implant treatment and I have always received the utmost kindness, friendliness, helpfulness and not forgetting the very necessary sense of humour from all the staff there.

The staff at reception are efficient and friendly. The dental nurse delightful and excellent at her job. I am impressed with the quality and sheer professionalism of Michael Heffernan's work and I am completely satisfied with the end result. I would highly recommend Perlan Centre.


Testimonial followed by its transcript

Dear Mr Heffernan

I would like to say "Thank You" for all the trouble you have taken to get my teeth back into the 'comfort zone'!

The new denture does feel strange, as you said it would; however, the food doesn't slip under it and I am well pleased !!!

I would also like to say a big thank you to all your 'girlies' who have made my visit such a pleasure.

To all of you - as Mr Spock would say: - 'Live Long & Prosper'

Big hugs for all
As Always

Testimonial followed by its transcript

August 2008

Dear Mike & "Team"
Couldn't resist leaving your contact number with this lady whilst we've been traveling round the Greek Islands - lots of work for you out here! Now that my dental work is completed, it is fantastic to be able to eat the crusty Greek bread and the crunchy apples etc. Many Thanks for your dedication to what had to be done to make my life so much more satisfying - my new teeth have given me back my confidence again!

Best wishes J.

Testimonial followed by its transcript

Dear Stephen, Michael, Lora and all the team I would like to thank you all for your exceptional care and treatment you showed me when having my implant carried out, as if ever I need further treatment in the future I would not hesitate to return to you all at Perlan knowing I would be in good hands.

Thanks again

Testimonial followed by its transcript

Dear Mr Barter,

Thought this picture summed up "the after implants person" I'm so pleased with my implants, and can't thank you enough for all your care and consideration throughout my treatment. Already the difference to my life has been dramatic, and has really added to my confidence.

Please thank your whole team from me as well.
Yours sincerely C.P.

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Dear Stephen & Mike,

Amidst all the seasonal cards, just a wee note to say 'Thank You' for your work and dental implant this year.

It is the first time in years that I can recall having a 'normal' bite and being free from facial pain, it took me a few weeks to realise what was missing! It has made a huge difference.

Wishing you and your families a 'Merry Christmas & hoping 2010 is a good year for you all.

All good wishes H.M.

Testimonial followed by its transcript

Feb 09
(a silly but sincere "thank you")

The quote from Roald Dahl is true, however with professional magic from specialist dentists I now feel LOVELY every day - notwithstanding my wrinkles !! etc!

So, many thanks (belatedly) for your patience & expertise especially from Simon & Laura for great beginnings - & Michael & Lucy for the work leading up to & the grand finish - best wishes to the team.

Yours happily E.W.

Testimonial followed by its transcript

27th March 2008

Dear Steve and Mike,

I had to write to say just how pleased I am with my new implants. The slight inflammation of the gums that I was worried about on 20th Feb. has now completely disappeared, and I can treat the implants as my normal teeth. It's great to be able to eat an apple with my front teeth again after 40 years! I'm also smiling a lot more than I used to.

Thanks again for an excellent job, and for your care and attention to me personally.
Yours sincerely RB

Testimonial followed by its transcript

Dear Stephen and Michael,

I would like to say how happy Paul and I are for having the privilege of having you carrying out my dental treatment. It has been a great pleasure dealing with such a team of experts.

I really appreciate how you have always taken the time so that, you could get the best possible aesthetic result, and I'm delighted to say that I'm very happy. Words cannot really express how much! It is fantastic to eventually get rid of those dentures!

I will never forget what we have been through together.
All the best for the future.
Many Thanks A.

Testimonial followed by its transcript

20th May 2008
Dear Claire

I have been a patient of Dr. Stephen Barter since I first consulted him in May 2006 with a view to having dental implants. At the time I had a full upper denture and partial lower denture which I hated and which caused great discomfort as well as restricting what I could eat.

Over the following 18 months I had many consultations and procedures including bone grafting to my sinuses. The lower implant process was completed in March 1007 which was an instant success, visually attractive and more importantly perfectly functional! The upper structure took a little longer but was finally in position in December 2007 and I am absolutely delighted with the result.

I wish I could convey the pleasure of being able to eat an apple after not being able to do so for many years.

Throughout this very complicated process Dr. Barter was always at pains to explain the various pros and cons of all decisions that I needed to make and although I experienced very few problems, when I did, they were quickly dealt with.

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Barter and Laura, his nurse, who plays such a vital role. Thank you also to the dental technician for his excellent work and to the team on reception for so promptly dealing with queries and the arrangement of so many appointments.

A truly life-changing experience!
Yours sincerely A.B.

Testimonial followed by its transcript

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for the Implantology lecture last night. It really was one of the best lectures I have attended in a long time, very informative and on a level that was easily understood.

I was amazed at some of the quality of the work which has been referred to you and equally amazed at the results you have achieved at Perlan.

Your practice feels very welcoming and I was impressed by your ethos of treating a patient like a member of your family. I certainly would have no hesitation recommending any patient to have a consultation with you at Perlan.

I am very pleased for you that your practice is so successful but realise this has only been achieved by your and laura's hard work since those early days we all spent together at West Terrace. It is a credit to you and you deserve it.

With Best Wishes. C.

Testimonial followed by its transcript

Dear Dr Barter,
I would like to Thank - you for the amazing implant which I have received from you.

I really am delighted it really is as having all my own teeth back again. The care and kindness that you and your marvellous nurse gave me really was far more than I could imagine.

I truly did not feel any pain during and after all the procedures and actually never had to take any pain killers, I really can't believe it.

Laura gave me huge confidence, I feel that I would have found it all too much without feeling her support and kindness beside me. Thank - you both so much. As it happens I have been thinking a lot about you lately, - as John and myself have just come back from Gliding, - or at least watching my son-in-law, at "Tallard", - a beautiful week in perfect scenery, quite fallen in love with the area.

Again so many thanks to you both, V.H.

Testimonial followed by its transcript

1st December 2009

Dear Dr Steve

I write to THANK YOU! for the work that you carried out on my infected root canal on Friday 27th November 2009. I must say that you and your assistant showed great professional expertise with great attention to detail, also carried out with such kind and caring attitude.

After the treatment I have had no discomfort or pain at all, so needed no pain killers. I remain most impressed as it was the best dental care I have ever experienced.

You are to send me a follow up letter to take to my own dentist for further completion of the temporary filling in a few weeks time. I would prefer for you to send this letter to my home address so I can take it with me on the day of the appointment.
Yours sincerely R.S.

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