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Perlan Specialist Dental Clinic

Because we’re specialist dentists, your dentist can refer you or you can call us direct.

About Perlan - Our Facilities.

When you arrive

Our state-of-the art clinic is fully equipped to provide world-class treatment in a comfortable and caring environment.

Reception DeskLounge

We have full disabled access should you need it and our friendly reception staff will welcome you and after booking you in direct you to the Lounge.

Drinks StationDrinks Machine

The lounge is calm and comfortable with a drinks station for you to help yourself to hot and cold drinks.

Staircase at PerlanMolton Brown Handwash

Our patients often remark on our attention to detail and the relaxing atmosphere of the clinic.

Treatment Facilities

Our radiography department has digital DPT (Dental Panoramic Tomography) and a Cone Beam Volumetric Scanner, the latter providing high quality 3d images at a dose reduction of approximately 98% compared to medical CT scans, and you won't feel clostrophobic because the suite has a specialist glass door.

Kodak 9000 imaging machineSpecialist imaging equipment

Treatment rooms feature digital radiography, digital imaging and the latest instrumentation.

Dental Task LightDental Treatment Room

Cleanliness is paramount in any medical environment, all areas are kept scrupulously clean. We also have a dedicated Central Sterile Supplies Unit guaranteeing the highest possible level of cross-infection control.

Sink UnitTreatment Room

We can provide truly integrated treatment with all specialists being available to jointly consult with patients where necessary

Dental Record ImageSteve Discussing Treament

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