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Because we’re specialist dentists, your dentist can refer you or you can call us direct.

Information for Patients

We are a referral-only practice in that we do not accept patients for general dental care. Patients are referred by their dentist, doctor, or by other specialists; but they can also refer themselves, and many of our patients are initially referred by friends who have been treated by us. All patients are returned to the care of their general dentist upon completion of treatment, although we normally have a "shared care" approach with the patient's general dentist for future maintenance care.

You would first attend for an initial consultation with the most appropriate specialist for your needs. This is a long appointment so that you have plenty of time to ask questions and find out what options are available to you. We will also examine you thoroughly and carefully, so that you can leave with an idea of the treatment choices you have, with the costs and timescale for treatment. Everyone is different, so you will appreciate that we have to see you to decide what might suit you best! In most cases, we can then provide a summary of the consultation in the form of a written treatment plan and estimate, explaining the nature, cost, and timescale of treatment, together with the alternative options open to you.If you then later wish to return for a further discussion on the treatment plan, we do not charge another consultation fee.

In complex cases, we may need to see you again for more in-depth assessment and treatement planning before a treatment plan can be provided. We often say that we spend longer in the planning with you than we do performing treatment - but we believe it is essential that you fully understand the nature and purpose of treatment with the likely outcomes, the costs, and all implications of treatment before you proceed.

Everyone at Perlan can empathise with the concerns that you may have regarding tooth loss and dental treatment. We are all on the "receiving end" often enough to keep our empathy levels high! We understand how daunting it can be to face the prospect of losing your teeth and even though a solution can always be found, we also appreciate that the prospect of lengthy and sometimes complex treatment can be equally daunting. We can offer sedation for nervous patients or for long procedures, administered by one of our Consultant Anaesthetists. Above all, we have plenty of TLC, which never requires a prescription!

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