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Information for Patients - Case Studies

Replacing a single tooth with an implant-retained crown:

Single Implant Before and After

This gentleman fractured his two front teeth in a skating accident. They were extracted by his dentist and a denture was fitted. The teeth on either side of the front teeth were also fractured through the enamel. Two implants were placed to restore the two front teeth with crowns and the lateral incisors were restored with porcelain veneers.

implants and porcelain vaneers

A complete reconstruction on implants:

Complete reconstruction on implants

Cosmetic treatment of several teeth using gum surgery, implants, veneers and crowns together:

Gum surgery, implants, veneers and crowns

This lady wanted to get rid of her partial denture so she could enjoy her food and improve the appearance of her teeth. She had a tooth retained bridge on her right front teeth and an implant bridge on her left two front teeth. She also had a total of six implants to restore her missing back teeth. The final result allowed her to smile broadly.

implants and bridges

1. front teeth with denture in place.  2. front teeth with denture out.
3. front teeth with implant and tooth bridges.  4. smile with new teeth.

This lady was referred by her dentist as her four front teeth were in very poor condition with draining infection from abcesses treated both by root canal treatment and root surgery. The only option was to extract her four front teeth and place two implants with a four tooth bridge. She had a temporary bridge throughout treatment so was never without teeth. Before the final porcelain bridge was made she bleached her other teeth.

2 implants with a 4 tooth bridge

1. front teeth with old crowns and root infection above her right lateral incisor.  2. front teeth is four tooth bridge on two implants notice the tooth and gum symmetry.  3. beautiful new smile.

Young lady damaged four front teeth in an accident, breaking the root of the left lateral incisor necessitating its extraction. Implant placed in left lateral incisor with all-ceramic crown and porcelain veneers on other three front teeth:"

implant and porcelain veneers

This gentleman did not like the appearance of the existing crown and so we replaced the crown with an all-ceramic crown that harmonizes beautifully with the adjacent teeth:

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This lady was embarrassed about her smile due to the colour and shape of her front teeth and she had a poor existing crown on her upper right front tooth. Following placement of a temporary crown and veneers the gums were surgically corrected to make them symmetrical. The other teeth were bleached to lighten the overall shade of the teeth. Ultimately a new crown and three veneers were cemented to provide a beautiful smile.

Surgical correction of gums, new crown and 3 veneers

Poor previous restorations are removed and teeth restored with aesthetic precious metal/porcelain crowns on six front teeth.

precious metal/porcelain crowns

Complete Denture

Lady with remaining six lower teeth and overclosed facial profile as poor upper complete denture giving insufficient support to face. The failing lower teeth were replaced with two implants and attachments that hold the lower denture firmly in place. A new upper denture follows the patient smile lines and supports her lips better:

Complete Denture

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

With a very complicated occlusion and wear of the natural teeth the only option for this gentleman was to completely restore his teeth and bite. This required some teeth be extracted and implants placed to help support bridges in the lower jaw at the back. The other teeth were restored with crowns:

Complex Multidisciplinary Treatments

This lady was very unhappy with the worn appearance of her teeth. The most favourable option was to restore her teeth with crowns and improve the height of her lower face by increasing the height of her bite. She had all her upper teeth crowned and all her lower teeth crowned apart from her four front teeth that were restored with tooth coloured fillings. This treatment restored her teeth and her confidence:

Upper and lower teeth crowned also tooth coloured fillings

Complex Multidisciplinary Treatments

This lady had jaw surgery to correct her profile. The upper jaw was surgically set back and the lower jaw forward with her chin repositioned too. She had orthodontic treatment to correct the position of her teeth prior to the jaw surgery. In addition she had an implant to replace the missing lateral incisor and correction of the remaining front teeth with tooth coloured filling material to give a very nice aesthetic result:

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This gentleman found biting to be a problem as his lower jaw overlapped his upper jaw. Over time this had caused his teeth to wear down and need restoration. After discussion of the various options it was decided to reposition his upper and lower jaw to improve the biting position of his teeth and his profile. His teeth needed to be restored with crowns due to the degree of wear on them. He also had implants to replace missing back teeth.

upper and lower jaw surgery with new crowns

1. profile before two jaw surgery.  2. profile and lower face height improved after surgically moving upper jaw forward and lower jaw back.  3 & 4. bite before surgery.  5. bite after surgery and new crowns.

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