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Perlan Periodontal Suite

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Information for Patients - Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal therapy is best carried out in systematic treatment phases:

The Hygienic Phase of Therapy

The initial Hygienic phase of therapy is aimed at arresting disease, resolving inflammation and reducing number and depths of pockets. This meticulous deep cleaning of the gums will be carried under local anaesthetic on sections of the mouth at a time either by our Dental Hygienist or by the Periodontist. We will also suggest some minor modifications to your home care, since your own cleaning is of fundamental importance in achieving periodontal (gum) health. At the Perlan Specialist Centre we use state-of-the art piezon-electronic equipment which causes minimal trauma to the gums and replaces the main part of traditional `scraping’ with sonic scaling.

Treatment can result in a small amount of discomfort and slight increase in sensitivity which usually lasts only a short time. You may also notice a slight increase in recession of the gums as the swollen and inflamed tissues heal. This shrinkage of the tissues may show in form of longer teeth or so called “black triangles” between your teeth. We will explain to you how much this shrinkage would affect your personal situation.

For many patients deep cleaning in conjunction with the appropriate maintenance care will be sufficient to control the disease. However, in advanced cases of periodontal disease with a large number of deep pockets, the improvement after deep cleaning alone may not be enough. A second phase of therapy may include minor surgery to gain access to deep areas for cleaning and reshaping.

The Corrective Phase of Therapy

This phase of therapy aims at treating teeth with residual deep pockets or problematic situations following the Hygienic phase. We now aim at restoring your function and aesthetics.

The decision regarding what type of further periodontal therapy may be needed, and on how many sites, should be made after the effect of the initial phase of therapy has been evaluated. The time lapse between finishing the initial phase of therapy and this evaluation may vary from 1-6 months.

Periodontal surgery is aimed at reducing the pockets further and achieving a situation which allows you to clean between the teeth more easily. There may be a small amount of discomfort following surgery, which in few patients can amount to facial swelling and bruising for a few days. There will be sutures for around 1 week.

At Perlan Specialist Dental Centre we adopt a minimally invasive approach. This means that we aim to limit and tailor any further treatment to specific sites that have been identified as needing further correction.

After completion of periodontal therapy, we can now carry out any final cosmetic improvements or replacement of missing teeth. This may include any type of restoration (including dental implants). Ideally, removable dentures should be avoided since they lead to further plaque retention and an increased risk of recurrence of gum disease.

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