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Information for Patients - Causes of Periodontal Disease

Who gets periodontal disease?

15% of the population are highly susceptible to developing destructive gum disease, whilst another 15% are highly resistant. The remaining 70% of the population have the potential to develop destructive gum disease. By the age of 40 around 70% of the population has some stage of the disease. The factors below are the most common seen in patients with gum disease. However, we often see people with few of the causative factors who still have advanced disease. This is why regular follow-up visits with the dentist and the hygienist are so important.

  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Stresses
  • Medications
  • Diabetes
  • Poor nutrition
  • Other systemic diseases

Smoking and Periodontal Disease

Smoking has been identified as a true risk factor for periodontal disease. Smokers tend to have more severe tissue destruction and lose more teeth as a result of periodontal disease than non-smokers. We also know that periodontal therapy works better in non-smokers than in smokers and that smokers are at significantly higher risk of experiencing further periods of disease progression later in life, even after previously successful periodontal treatment.

Stopping smoking will be extremely beneficial for achieving and maintaining gum health and keeping your teeth in the long term. Please consider stopping smoking or even just reducing your daily tobacco consumption as part of getting started on your way to healthy and beautiful teeth and gums. Of course, your general health will benefit hugely from this, too, and so we do hope that you will give this some thought. If your require information and support, please ask your General Practitioner or any member of staff at Perlan specialist Dental Centre who will be happy to provide you with information of where to find help locally.

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