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Because we’re specialist dentists, your dentist can refer you or you can call us direct.

Information for Dentists - Imaging Services

We have a modern radiography suite equipped with digital technology for high quality imaging at a reduced x-ray dose.

Kodak 9000 cone-beam digital volumetric tomography

This includes a Kodak 9000 3d cone-beam digital volumetric tomography unit capable of acquiring standard dental panoramic tomograms as well as specific field-of-interest 3d volumes from 3 x 5cm to entire jaws.

Used within the SEDENTEXCT Guidelines, this can give improved diagnostic information for periodontal and endodontic lesions as well as for implant and other surgical planning. Data can be supplied on a CD with a viewing program allowing basic planning, or raw DICOM data can be supplied for importing into implant planning software such as coDiagnostiX, Simplant etc.

The majority of radiographic examinations are undertaken with implied consent. Referrers are requested to fully explain the nature of the examination or procedure being requested to the patient prior to the patient attending.

For a copy of the SEDENTEXCT guidelines, follow this link [opens in a new window]

Dental Imaging
  • Referrers are requested to provide sufficient clinical information and any relevant medical data to enable us to decide on the appropriateness of your request, in order to justify the exposure. The more information provided, the more informed we will be in answering your clinical question(s)
  • For all cases a full written request is required. Please help us to provide a prompt and efficient service to your patients by providing the following details when referring:
    • Include the patient’s name, address, postcode, date of birth and telephone number
    • State the clinical condition under investigation and the history of both the condition and previous imaging
    • Give details of the reason for the investigation required – for example, when requesting a 3d scan, state what additional information is expected from the exposure that cannot be obtained from a plain radiograph.
    • Please state the specific examination required and the field of interest to be included.
    • Include your contact details in case we need to contact you at the time of the examination.
    • Please indicate whether a report is required. The fee for a report is £120 and will be charged to the referrer.

Dental Imaging

You can download a CT Referral Form here.

To download a summary of SEDENTEXCT Basic Principles relevant to Referral / Justification click here [opens in a new window]
Many different establishments provide training meeting the requirements of the BSDMFR core curriculum in CBCT [opens in a new window]

As a referrer you should be familiar with the requirements of the PHE publication HPA-CRCE-010 providing information on the safe use of Dental Cone Beam CT. Follow this link to the PHE website. [opens in a new window]


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