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Digital Dentistry

Steve Barter

Mike Heffernan and Steve Barter were recently invited to the European Association of Osseointegration meeting in Glasgow, to present results of their experiences with integrated workflow in digital dentistry. Using 3-dimensional radiographic imaging with implant planning, together with intraoral scanning of teeth and soft tissues, digital technology can be used for both the planning of the prosthesis prior to implant placement and the later reconstruction of the implants. This is an exciting new field in dentistry!

As you may know, Steve has been involved in the development of coDiagnostiX and gonyX, technologies originally developed by IVS Solutions AG that have now been acquired by Straumann. Steve has recently published in the scientific literature the 5 year follow-up data on implants placed in extremely resorbed maxillae that have been reconstructed using a flapless approach. Guided surgery is not new – We realised it was about 8 years ago when Steve was on BBC television being asked about such technologies and having been at the forefront, it is great to see where this is going in future.

The ability to perform intraoral scans to acquire study models, computer designed frameworks, surgical templates, and even the final crown and bridgework without even taking an impression is absolutely unbelievable. This technology works – if you would like to come and see the technology and even play with the intraoral scanner, then we are an accredited reference centre and we would be delighted to welcome you at the end of the day to play with the new toys!


In complete contrast to the presentation in Glasgow, Steve was recently invited to speak at the major annual national symposium in Brazil and made two presentations, including taking part in a treatment planning challenge during this three-day meeting, which had over 1200 participants. It is always a pleasure to be invited to present at symposia, particularly when they are international symposia and to be on the podium with world-renowned speakers. It was a particular pleasure to visit South America, as this is a continent that Steve had not visited before.

Steve Barter

Future events that the team at Perlan will be involved in include teaching at international ITI education weeks which attract delegates from around the world. Steve has been invited to contribute to the ITI speaker library. The ITI library is know to many of you who are ITI members as the regular literature update which is produced free of charge for members in order to keep them abreast of the latest scientific developments and to improve both their own professional development and fulfil CPD requirements. The speaker library consists of recommended papers as reference papers from comprehensive literature reviews and the next meeting is in Zurich in November.

Our commitment to research and education is well known – from providing free study clubs to teaching on international courses and lecturing at symposia, we are always keen to improve the knowledge of our colleagues in the challenging field of implant dentistry; and also in endodontics, periodontics and aesthetic dentistry, all fields in which we have experts at Perlan. It may seem glamorous to visit exotic places, but in fact we probably derive the greatest satisfaction from study clubs with our referring colleagues, which are held on a regular basis both at Perlan and at larger venues when the demand exceeds our capacity. If you would like to keep abreast of the meetings that we hold then please contact our secretary, Ann, at and we will make sure that you are updated of forthcoming events. We also hope to have a regular update on the events page of this website.

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