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Perlan Periodontal Suite

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Info for Patients - Specialist Revision Work

Sadly we are often referred patients who have received treatment that has gone wrong and require revision of the work previously done elsewhere. There is no substitute for proper, thorough training and experience in this field - it is not "dentistry" it is surgery and dentists are responsible for their own training in implant surgery. The case studies below show how important it is for patients to do their research before undertaking treatment:

These implants are in the wrong place for the teeth on the bridge.
It is impossible for the technician to make this look good. This situation is often the result of inadequate planning before the implants are placed, or where special templates have not been used to make sure the implants are in the right place.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Immediate implant placement and bone loss.
One of the long-established tenets of implant dentistry is that for stable gums around the implant, avoiding recession, you need a bone thickness of at least 1mm. There are many scientific studies confirming that today. Many teeth, including the upper front teeth, have a bone thickness of less than half a millimetre and studies also show us that placing an implant into the socket as soon as the tooth is removed will NOT stop some bone loss. This can often mean that the gums recede, showing the metal implant (left) - not very pretty! That is why we almost never recommend immediate implant placement, especially if it is somewhere that can be seen easily when smiling or talking. In the second case (right) you can see implants placed too close together - often it is better to place only one implant in a case like this and have a small bridge.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Immediate placement, in the wrong place.
As you can see here, even using pink porcelain on the bridge cannot completely hide the fact that these implants, placed into tooth sockets immediately after the teeth were removed, are in the wrong place. Correcting these problems is always a compromise - better to get it right in the first place.

Complex Multidisciplinary Treatments

These are NOT our implant placements! Here at Perlan we take great care to offer patients the most evidence-based treatment with the best possible results, so if you are in any doubt please contact us for a consultation

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